About Donna Ensor

The Journey Begins

In 2001, Donna began a deeper journey unfolding the layers of her Authentic Self.   Prompted by an 18-month course in Validation at the Virginia Geriatric Education Center, Richmond VA, Donna not only learned tools and techniques to listen and communicate with people in various stages of dementia… she learned to listen and pay attention to the stories of her own life.  Images, symbols, and music have deep meaning to all of us.  As she completed video recordings of people in various stages of dementia, Donna felt the potential of recording other people’s journeys.  Life is a continuous journey of exploration, discovery, love, tears, joy and growth.

Donna began working in Asheville as a residential counselor at a group home for differently-abled adults in 2005 and moved here permanently from northeast Tennessee in 2006.  She was attracted to the diverse choices regarding independent film, spiritual gatherings, music, art, spoken word, dance, and ethnic cuisine.  Donna became friends with Stephen Wilder, a producer from Asheville’s public access station, URTV.  Stephen had produced an educational video on wolfdogs that included beautiful music from a local musician that he edited to align synchronistically with the movement of the wolfdogs.  Donna decided to become a producer herself and completed classes in Field Gear, Professional Studio A and Editing at the WNC Media Center.  Donna was in the process of editing two segments for URTV when Asheville public access station and Western NC Media center closed due to lack of funding in May 2011. The loss of the media center, which provided affordable access to professional studios and filming equipment, was a huge setback for many aspiring local filmmakers. Donna continues to learn new skills and stays connected to local producers and filmmakers.

Determined to continue on the path of filmmaking, Donna contacted Linda McLean, Executive Creative Director of Little Pearls.  Donna resonated with Linda McLean’s strong interest in using media as a consciousness-raising tool. Little Pearls – “tiny films” that open hearts and minds – inspires authentic connection and compassionate action on behalf of all living beings. Donna began a volunteer internship with Little Pearls in the summer of 2011 and was invited to serve on the Board of Directors of Little Pearls in 2012.  Linda McLean continues to be a valued friend as well as an ongoing mentor.

Donna’s passion is to use video and film production to spread joy, promote healing and connection. Her deep desire and purpose is to encourage and support everyone on their journey discovering and expressing their own Radiance and Voice.

Donna is a mother of 3 adult children. Growing up on a small dairy farm in Wisconsin provided her with a deep connection to nature and animals. She has worked in healthcare and social work most of her adult life. Believing strongly in the oneness of all, Donna was an active member of the Institute for the Healing of Racism, Southern Appalachian Region in northeast TN. Donna has also served as a presenter and support group facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association. Having an entrepreneur spirit, Donna opened a used book store in Colorado at the age of 20 and also a small catering business in northeast TN. Donna has eclectic tastes in music, art and film. She writes free verse poetry and occasionally takes part in local poetry readings. She is especially fond of independent and foreign films. Donna considers herself to be a spiritual, intuitive person living on an earthly planet in a multi-dimensional universe.