Telling Your Story

“Each person, business, musician, non profit, artist, healer, entrepreneur, author, or workshop leader has a story to tell.
… I’m here to bring that story to life.”

Donna Ensor, owner, producer, and creative director of Authentic Heart Productions, has a passion for gathering and telling Authentic Stories. Donna loves to collaborate and co-create…whether it is recording a living legacy interview, a musical performance or a story of how a local entrepreneur began her business.

Authentic Heart Productions mission is to create videos that inspire, empower and joyfully celebrate all that we are as unique individuals as well as remind us of our connection to Source, nature, animals, community, and the world. We are connected in more ways than we realize. Another mission is to acknowledge and honor the Radiant beings that we are, individually and collectively.

The driving force behind Authentic Heart Productions is discovering and expressing the Authentic Stories of who we are.  Some of us tell our stories through video interviews and photographs, others through music, spoken word, art, dance or poetry.  Images, voice vibrations, symbols and music play a powerful role in story-telling.  A great video aligns visual images, narration and music. But for me, the value is not only the results of a well-produced video… but also in the process of meeting new people, listening to their stories and developing new skills. The opportunities to create and inspire are endless… come join me!